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Soap Dough Embeds Soap Challenge Club entry

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This is my February Soap Dough Embeds entry to Amy Warden’s Soap Challenge Club: The ever elusive “Garden Gnome“.

The challenge was to create at least one complex embed by joining two or more pieces of soap dough together to create a design that runs through the bar, front to back. This is my first attempt at making soap dough and using it to create embeds. My soap dough was a little bit stickier than desired, but I was able to make it work by popping it into the freezer for a bit. I created three complex embeds: a yellow tulip, a mushroom, and a little gnome. I placed my tulip and mushroom embeds in a thin layer of grassy green soap batter, fixed my gnome on top of the mushroom with a small amount of soap batter to hold him down, and then poured a sky blue soap batter scented with lavender essential oil around it all. I got a little bit of a halo-effect around the embeds from the soap going to gel phase. I might need to keep the final soap in a cooler spot to keep it from gelling next time. This challenge was seriously challenging and time consuming, but also really fun! I’ll definitely be making more soap dough and creating more embeds in the future. Thank you Amy Warden for hosting this challenge and to Lisa Cunningham of I Dream In Soap for your wonderful tutorial.

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