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About Me

Hi, I’m Kristin, owner and soap maker at Arizona Soap Creek. Having grown up in the Sonoran desert near Phoenix and later attending college in the scenic mountain-town of Flagstaff, I have a deep affection and connection to Arizona and the Southwest region.

My soap-making journey started in the early 2000s while I was studying plant biology and chemistry at Northern Arizona University. My interest in herbalism and utilizing plant-based ingredients in handmade soap, combined with a love for unique scents and beautiful designs, led me to start crafting my own soap. In 2002, I began selling my soap creations to friends and neighbors, and I started searching for the perfect name for my budding soap business.

After college, I was lucky enough to work as a research assistant on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. It was during this time that I first encountered Soap Creek Canyon, a side canyon along the Colorado River, named for its alkaline-rich waters. The history, beauty, and grandeur of the Colorado River and its surrounding landscape left a lasting impression on me and holds a special place in my heart. It also, naturally, inspired me to name my soap business after this amazing location – Arizona Soap Creek.

In the years since I started my soap-making journey, I have been designing, formulating, and crafting thousands of premium quality soaps and sundries using only the finest ingredients. Drawing inspiration from the dry climate of the Southwest, I make sure all my soap recipes are formulated to hydrate and rejuvenate dry skin. I am committed to using sustainable ingredients and eco-friendly packaging as much as possible, and always maintaining the highest quality and ethical standards in each bar.

I am proud to offer a wide variety of moisturizing, handmade soaps that are both beautiful and functional. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious spa experience or a practical solution for dry skin, I have a soap for you. I invite you to visit me at Arizona Soap Creek and treat your skin to the best that it deserves.

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